Monday, February 23, 2009

God's global warning to the nations

Don't you want to be apprised of God's latest activities, warnings and general musings?

Well, you can! Just go to TBN on March 1. Biblical prophecy freaks Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson and have received the word from on high and they'll be discussing that word for your edification and ultimate salvation.

LaHaye and Hindson have teamed up to write Global Warning - Are We on the Brink of WWIII? - a new book described as a "powerful report on the earth's final hour."

Isn't that cute? Global Warning!

But hang on...You're so close to getting god's word, god's global warning!

Read this carefully: "For ages people have speculated about how the world will end. How can we discern the real clues from many false alarms? LaHaye and Hindson examine ancient Bible prophecies in light of today's news headlines and provide a panoramic survey of the final signs that will serve as God's global warning to the people of all nations.

"Jesus promised He would someday return to Earth to bring judgment and set up His kingdom. He even reveals specific details about what will happen.

"What are those details? What can we expect? Will terrorism, nuclear threats, and the Middle East crisis have a part? Are there other clues we may have missed?"

Drum roll, please! Tada! Just tune in and you will become privy to God and his plans! TBN, March 1.

Remember, however, that all of this is unmitigated bullshit! LaHaye, Hindson, and every other prophetic freak in the world are full of shit. They haven't a clue what they are talking about, and they use the Bible as their magical little book from which to gain pretend answers they can foist on the public who will then buy their stupid books and they will get rich so they can buy big houses and live like kings while waiting for Jesus to return.

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Bob Poris said...

People have sold all their belongings and traveled to high ground so they could witness the end of days. Unfortunately it did not happen and they were swindled. I am a firm believer in people getting what they deserve, so I cannot get too upset. If people persist in reading the exact same Bibles for centuries and are still waiting for the end of days to come now, in the USA, they will get what they deserve. I do not think the world will end in the next few years.

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