Thursday, September 26, 2013

The GOP, Ted Cruz and other traitors

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are not working on creating jobs, or on measures to protect our environment, or on bills which would help repair our aging and decrepit infrastructure, or on decent health care for our citizens, or on the need to make college less expensive for the majority of our young people, or on k-12 education which today is a sham - essentially teaching to tests created by political operatives to make themselves look good, or on measures to regulate the financial sector which appears to be on the brink of destroying our economy once again, or on ensuring that the FDA and the IRS and other governmental agencies have enough employees to do their jobs, or on sealing the gaps in the tax codes that allow corporations to hide profits overseas and thus pay no taxes on them, etc., etc.

Actually, the Republicans are not working on any of the multitude of problems we face in this country and what's worse, are anti all proposals to fix our problems!

How can that be?  Why is this so?  What has happened?

It seems that the American people elected a black Democrat as president.  Twice!  That stuck in the craw of these ultra-conservative, racist hacks who fear the teapot crackpots more than they fear their deity!  So, since 2008, when Republican leaders such as Boehner and McConnell declared they would put all their energies into destroying the president rather than serving the country, we have entered a period of gridlock unknown in our history!

Today, the Republicans in the House are working on one thing:  Defunding Obamacare and shutting down the United States Government.  They are willing to SHUT DOWN the government they swore to defend!  The goal of the Republicans is to kill Obamacare and hurt the president.  None of this posturing and manipulating has anything to do with the good of the country!  Those involved have spit in the face of the people who sent them to Washington by disavowing their oath of office!

These very repugnant Republicans have fallen in line behind their teapot desperadoes and the Senate creep, Ted Cruz, and have tossed their solemn vow to the winds.

Here's what Cruz said:  "Obamacare is destroying jobs.  It is driving up health costs.  It is killing health benefits.  It is shattering the economy."

[Do you ever wonder why so many utter fools come from the state of Texas?]

Notice that these are ALL LIES!  Obamacare is creating jobs, health costs are going down, health benefits are increasing and it is growing the economy!  Those are the facts!

Any Republican who would shut down the government in an attempt to defund Obamacare must be considered a traitor because he or she has deliberately violated his or her oath of office!

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Bob Poris said...

The goal of the Health Care Act is to see that as many citizens as possible get health care! I approve of that goal. If the law, passed by Congress, could accomplish that goal, IS IT GOOD OR BAD?

That is the question. Like many laws, it is not perfect. It was created over the objections of almost one entire party. That led to compromises rather than efforts to make the law better or more efficient. Once passed, efforts might be taken to make it better as we find the weak spots.

Instead Congress has tried 42 time to repeal or defund it, rather than work. They are threatening to shut down the government in order to get their way.

If that is the new method of fighting bills some representatives do not like, we are in deep trouble as a nation! One Senator can tie up the Senate as Cruz just did, or hold up any law or appointment. I think it very harmful, as I have said before. Either side can use the same tactics unless the rules are changed. Can the US function in this manner for another term or forever?

This goes beyond partisanship. It is a step towards destroying our system. Partisanship has always been tempered by a desire to govern. That seems to have been ignored for almost six years and counting.

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