Saturday, June 23, 2018

We do this in the name of our dear leader...

The following rant is a comment I posted on another website in response to a story about the U.S. Navy building "concentration" camps in remote areas of the country to house the "hordes" of immigrant "criminals" (read babies and moms) who are stealing across our borders.

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Let's think about this for a moment.  During Hitler's reign, is it possible that the generals who crowded around him at his war plans table, could have done more to mitigate his ruinous tenure or were they silently and perhaps enthusiastically complicit.

We know that a few of them were involved in a failed plot to kill Hitler, but what about the rest?  Why did they follow this demented, evil person into the pits of hell?  Were they just following the orders (which is what we'll hear more of in the days ahead about our own generals and admirals) of their supreme leader, their commander-in-chief?  Did they think they had no other choice than to support his plan to reduce the world to rubble and kill all the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, etc.?  

Today, in our country, the U.S. Navy, a military organization in which I served many years ago, is kowtowing to our own demented, evil person and following him into the pits of hell by agreeing to build concentration camps for "illegals" in remote areas of the country.  Why remote areas?  For the same reason the Nazis put their camps in remote areas.  So the general public couldn't see the poor souls caught in the nets of government depravity/military depravity.

Why doesn't Trump put these camps in more appropriate places, like Auschwitz.  So far as I know that place is still intact and serving as a kind of museum but it could be converted back in no time.  And I'm certain that there are still standing other camps in Germany and Poland that Trump's stormtroopers (ICE) could use to lock up our illegals who have committed the misdemeanor of trying to cross our border.  

Trump has informed us that thousands of criminals, no better than dirty dogs, are pouring over our borders to cause an epidemic of crime.  That's not close to the truth, but he never is close to the truth and this may all be a ploy to get his damn wall built to appease the  morons who voted for him.

The evil of Nazism came incrementally.  One small step at a time.  And before long, it was too late.  That's what's happening here.  We're not gassing people yet, but the stage is being set.  If Trump can dehumanize these illegals it will be a lot easier to get rid of them.  Already the state television (FAUX news) is blathering about how small children are having sex, and doing all sorts of depraved things and they're not really human.  And it's going to be costly to build these camps so something will need to be done.

About about the showers?  If these men, women and children seeking a better life in this country are nothing more than the lowest of animals, if they're dirty, filthy people who are a real threat to our well-being, well, send them to the showers.  It's cheap and the chemicals required were created long ago.  They don't even use any water.

If you had suggested 40-50 years ago, that we'd be in this situation and that millions of people who consider themselves "good Christians" would go happily to Trump's rallies to sing his praises and condemn millions of other of God's creatures to a living hell or to death I would have said you were crazy.  I did not realize the line between right and wrong was so thin and so easily severed and that greed and ignorance and racism would coalesce to create a new and deadly society where the norms of decent people would be overrun by a truly evil man and his blatherings.  George Will, that bastion of conservative Republicanism, has seen the light and is now telling people to vote Democratic in the next elections.  I'm afraid he might be too late for true believers and the criminals have taken over our fair land.

We are going to put thousands of people into concentration camps for NO other reason than to appease the diseased brain of a president whose life has been built on one catastrophic lie after another!

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    William Kendall said...

    It is beyond reprehensible.

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