Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Dose of Stupid

This is April 1st.  April Fool's Day.  Maybe all the assholes who inhabit the dark caverns of the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, county commissions and city councils, as well as the myriads of other committees and organizations that comprise our political life will "come out" and tell us they've just been fooling around.  They're really not as stupid as they seem and they really do care about this country and its people and they are finally going to get down to business and take care of business.

Don't hold your breath.  And here's some reasons why:

The US is sending troops to Ukraine to train their armed forces.  Unfortunately one Ukraine unit, the Azov Battalion, is comprised of neo-Nazis.  It “uses Nazi symbols and openly declares its belief in white supremacy and antisemitism.”

Well, what the hell.  We've supported all kinds of crazy, brutal, anti-Semitic dictators down through the years.  If it's good for General Motors (read the Corporate Oligarchy) it's got to be good for the rest of us, right?

You would hope that the bigots like Mike Pence and his friends in Indiana could at least be honest as to what they’re doing.  But NO, they retreat into spewing nonsense phrases or complaining they've been misunderstood and insist they’re not about discrimination which is, of course, total bullshit.  It's ALL about discrimination!

All of the anti-gay rhetoric and anti-gay legislation has NOTHING to do with religion or religious beliefs.  It has EVERYTHING to do with bigotry and hate.  If these religious fruitcakes were concerned about religious things they would be involved in many other crusades - based on the Bible.  They would want to stone children who do not observe the Sabbath; they would raise hell about women who have the audacity to speak up in church; they would be most concerned to follow the WHOLE LAW for their legendary Jesus said he came to ensure that every jot and tittle of the Jewish Law be obeyed; and all these bigots who have been married and divorced or involved in faithless affairs would shut up about the "sins" of others as their passage on the road to hell has already been paid for!

Will FAUX News please fire the compulsive and repulsive liar Bill O’Reilly?  It’s time for him to go.

Arkansas is in process of passing an Indiana-type anti-gay law.  (Today the Arkansas guv said he ain't signing it until it's been "fixed.")  Georgia is working on one.  The other southern states will soon follow.  Sometimes, even though I live in Florida, I think it would have been best to let the south secede and go their own way.  Of course, the U.S. would probably have had to be giving them foreign aid down through the years.

Florida’s criminal governor Rick Scott, has forbade his minions to use the terms Global Warming or Climate Change.  Wouldn’t want to scare off the tourists walking around downtown Miami in knee-deep water.

Arizona passed a law signed by the governor, an ice-cream CEO, Doug Ducey, which forces doctors to tell women that drug-induced abortions can be reversed even though that is junk science and not true.  It also blocks the purchase of insurance on the Obama care exchange that includes abortion coverage.

Jeb Bush, the guy who screwed up our state (Florida) royally during his time as governor thinks that Obama is not defending NSA spying on US citizens as well as he should.

Scott Walker, the gov of Wisconsin who wants to be president is just plain stupid.  He can handle the office of the presidency, he says, because he was an Eagle Scout.

Everytime Ted Cruz opens his mouth a pile of stupid falls out - not that he’s stupid but he’s full of stupid.  Things would be much better in this country, said Mr. Stupid, if Texas was the U.S. Capital.  He thinks the White House should be moved to Texas.  He didn’t say where in Texas.  Maybe Brownsville?  El Paso?  Mineola?

On Easter Sunday morning at the National Mall, there’s going to be a sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial.  Pastor Amos Dodge and his Capital Church have done this 36 times times.  The Lord told him to “reclaim America for Jesus.”  Yeah!

There’s a megachurch in New Jersey which has four “campuses” in the area. They plan to hide 100,000 Easter Eggs for the kiddos to find on Easter Sunday morning.  That sounds about right.  What would Jesus do?

Rick Santorum - you remember him…the faux Christian douchebag - says that ISIS is all Obama’s fault.

Texas - Jesus, what a state!  It has the 3rd highest HIV infections in the US, but Repugnican legislators there voted to take $3 mil from the HIV/STD prevention program and give it to abstinence-only sex ed programs.  The latter have been proven not to work, but what the hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Ted Cruz again, cruzin’ to victory.  When he made his coming out speech at the fundy college, Liberty University (which is pretty much a joke kept running at taxpayer expense), he ranted about the educational Common Core standards and how he would repeal “every word” of them.  The problem is there’s nothing to repeal as these standards appear in no federal law. 

Rand Paul, the doctor who won’t take the doctor tests, says he’s against gay rights and gay marriage because…well, he’s against them.  Oh, he wants to be president, too.

There's much more, but I've suddenly got a headache!

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William Kendall said...

There's no shortage of stupid.

Teddy Cruz, for all the bluster he and the rest of the Tea Party inmates made about Obama's birth records, likes to ignore that gray area about his Canadian roots (we're glad to be rid of the asshole, actually, and don't want him back. Would you take Bieber while we're at it?)

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