Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Forgetting the Holocaust?

A friend of mine sent me this just today.  It portrays perfectly the perpetual mind-numbing insensitivity of so many people toward the Jews.

Mrs. Clare Booth-Luce, the wife of Henry Luce, the founder of TIME magazine, was a well-respected and highly informed writer and journalist.

It must have been in the late ‘60’s that she said, at a gathering of academics and politicians, to a prominent Jewish leader, it may have been Nachum Goldman:

"I really feel that the Jews should stop commemorating the Holocaust. Why don’t you get on with life, put all those experiences, however painful they may be, behind you and concentrate on the future.”

Nachum Goldman stood silent for a moment, then, with brightly shining eyes and warm smile on his face he said:  “Mrs. Luce, these are exactly my sentiments when I hear people talk about the Crucifixion!

[Thank you, Bob Poris!]

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